Revealed: Driving Theory Test’s Toughest Questions

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LEARNER DRIVERS are most likely to fail their driving theory test because of a lack of knowledge about accidents, collisions and emergencies, according to new research.

An independent study of over two million driving theory tests has revealed the questions that learner drivers are most likely to get wrong. The research was carried out by Theory Test Pro, a publisher of online driving theory software, and was based on a sample of over 150,000 learner drivers.

The findings also highlighted a top ten list of the questions that less than 40% of learner drivers could answer correctly. Some of the questions included in the list were:

  • You are involved in a collision. What documents may the police ask you to produce?
  • Name three situations where you may overtake another vehicle on the left?
  • When can you drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line?

A list of the questions can be obtained from

“Many people think that driving knowledge is common sense” said Henry Dillon, co-founder of Theory Test Pro. “However, these results highlight the most common questions that cause learner drivers to fail:’

The news comes four months ahead of significant changes to the theory test. On 1 January 2012, all driving theory tests will use questions from an unpublished test bank. The new questions will be kept secret to discourage learner drivers from simply memorising the correct answers without understanding the underlying theory.

The new changes will mean more effort is required to prepare for the test. However, learner drivers will not be kept entirely in the dark over what to expect on their test day. The DSA will continue to maintain a set of practice questions that can be used for study purposes.

Learner drivers can take a test using the official practice questions by visiting Theory Test Pro (

“Many learners will look to instructors to help them pass their driving theory” said Dillon. “Theory Test Pro has features to assist instructors achieve this.

According to our research, 82% of learners that prepared using Theory Test Pro passed on their first attempt” “Learners will look to ADIs to help them pass their theory test. Theory Test Pro has features to help instructors achieve this … “

Over 1.6 million people take the driving theory test every year. In 2010, only 46% of test candidates passed on their first attempt.

Driving instructors can tryout Theory Test Pro and give away access to their students by signing up for a free trial.

Visit details.

About Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro is online learning software for the UK’s driving theory test. It helps learner drivers understand everything they need to pass their tests, plus it has innovative features to help instructors.

Theory Test Pro has been trusted by over 150,000 learner drivers and is used by over the half of the local authorities in the UK.For more details contact Henry Dillon, co-founder of Theory Test Pro, on 020 8123 5420

You can also contact Henry via email: at see the website at

(MSA Newslink September 2011 Issue 231)

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